The horn button industry has evolved over the years to currently using buttons made of plastic material. Nevertheless, looking at history, we discover the one thing that has never left the market since the 1400s is the horn button. In the 1400s, horn buttons were ornaments to embellish clothing. A horn button is a small knob made using animal horns sewn onto clothing to make it fast by fixing it into a slit or just for embellishment.

Animals commonly used to produce material that aid in making horn buttons include sheep, buffaloes, deer, and cattle. Clothes with horn buttons are exquisite, unique, and appealing to the eye. So why has the trend not gone out of style centuries later? Expounding on the features of horn buttons will help us understand how these unique buttons have managed to stay relevant.

Features of Horn Buttons That Keep Them in Market.


Horn buttons from horns contain keratin, a fibrous compound protein that is the main constituent of hair, claws, hoofs, horn, feathers, nails, bills, and talons. Keratin is a potent protein that forms the outer layer of these parts to protect the supple inner area of an organism’s body. Horn buttons contain this keratin, making them very strong and durable. Horn buttons do not wear and tear, can last for years, and remain intact. Plastic buttons, however, break very quickly with the increase of significant pressure.


Horns on animals have different prints and patterns due to genetic makeup. The horns of various animals differ visually. This variation trickles down to the horn buttons. Horn buttons are unique, and each has a different color and pattern. The buttons tend to have a thick structure that is unique.


Horn buttons are stylish and give the clothing a sophisticated aesthetic due to their unique features. Clothes with horn buttons stand out and do not look conventional and boring. Because the Horn buttons dated back centuries ago, they are statements in the fashion industry. Fashion designers often use horn buttons in their design pieces to give a vintage aesthetic. Horn buttons are commonly present on fur coats and feathery parts. In fashion shows, runway models are often dressed with horn buttons to accentuate their clothing.

A rich heritage and make up

Since horn buttons date back to the 14century, people find them interesting and often want to know about their history. Most people do not even know that horns from animals make horn buttons. Clothes with horn buttons will make you a star in the friend group as you seek to explain the horn button’s history and makeup.


Horn buttons are a trend that will never go out of style because of their rich heritage, fashion sense, uniqueness, durability, and makeup. Using horn buttons on your suits and coats will not only make you stand out but also make you a fashion icon. Making s Make your suits pop with horn buttons; they never disappoint.

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